Wedding Dress Work-in-Progress


You see I never dreamed of a Western white wedding gown. In my dreams I had always wanted to dress as an ancient Chinese goddess with their colourful flowing long robes and giant peony blossoms in their hair.

I bought an old Chinese frame and spray painted it gold. Originally I thought of putting a painting of my characters, Zy and Kiyoshi, or Xei and Vera, inside the frame. Those projects got put on hold indefinitely and once I confirmed I had a stage to propose from this year, I decided to draw a picture of Matt and I instead. So I flipped over the original bamboo picture and began to sketch on the back of the wood.

Oil pastel shows up nicely on the surface. Often times a few millimeters makes a huge difference in expression, so I spent a long time tweaking the position of our eyes.

Matt's face was particularly challenging for some reason. I couldn't decide how alert or how soft I wanted the final result to be. Once I settled on the faces I could add the final glow, highlights and dark shadows to make the image pop (because that's what contrast does).

Then I was super grateful that I got it stapled back inside the frame for free at Michael's Arts and Craft.

Of course, it's not like I can just walk into a store and buy my dream dress (the curse of being an eccentric artist). So in the past few years I've actually been collecting pieces to assemble it myself (more work for me, yay).


I don't know what the final result will be or when it will be complete. I do know it's a big undertaking seeing as I'm not a seamstress myself. What I do know is that if you have a dream, pursue it. Even if it doesn't work out exactly as you first envisioned, you won't regret having tried and learning from the experience.