Self help pushes for personal growth and comics are one of many mediums that can connect to the heart. It is uncommon for advice books to represent the queer experience. There is a tendency for most queer comics to cater to wish fulfillment, as opposed to real strategies honed from experts improving quality of life. I felt this is a niche worth combining and dedicating my practice to, so that subcultures with little representation can benefit from the same principles of improving intimacy with themselves and those they love. Even heterosexual couples can mistake sex for intimacy, lust for love, and this is also true in the LGBT+ community. The amount of gratitude expressed in the comments for helping marriages, breakups, love confessions and coming out stories tells me that my art is hitting the mark.


“To protect the world from devastation!” - Jesse (Pokemon)

Achiru et al. (1988) was born in Alberta, Canada to Hong Kong immigrant parents, and grew up watching anime and reading manga from Japan.

She has been creating webcomics since 2002 and acts as the researcher, artist, writer, director and publisher of her own meta-physical comic production studio. The rest of her characters, or "cast members" are implied in the "et al." They engage in various philosophical discussions and play out hypothetical scenarios for social experiments, often involving romance, communication and gender.


Things you wouldn't know unless you asked:

  • Has two Bachelor Degrees in Socio-cultural Anthropology and Primary Education

  • Has lived through full body paralysis, chronic fatigue and mild depression

  • Lives with her fiancé in an artful home studio teaching kids to draw and study